The AutoRing is a simple device on the face of it, albeit a very powerful one. It’s designed to help you act fast and combat vehicle theft as it’s happening.

You have the AutoRing Device to place on your dash, an accompanying unique key fob and sleek door sensors to put in your car.

Top British Car Show Presenter and Former F1 Driver, Tiff Needell, presents how relay theft is typically used to steal modern cars and why the AutoRing helps combat it.

How The AutoRing Lets You Know if Your Vehicle is Being Stolen

1 – Door Sensors Detect When Your Door is Opened

Relay theft can trick the vehicle into believing the key is present, which allows the door to be opened. This type of theft is becoming more popular as it doesn’t damage the

2 – Images of The Intruder are Captured and Uploaded

A series of high-definition images of the intruder are silently captured and uploaded to the cloud. Your car doesn’t need to have a continuous Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connection for this to work, as the AutoRing uses a global mobile data connection.AutoRing on Dashboard

3 – The Owner Gets Notified Instantly and Can Track The Vehicle in Real Time

The accompanying AutoRing app notifies you instantly when your door is opened without you in the car.

The GPS tracker in the AutoRing allows you to track your vehicle in real time, and this can help accurately direct law enforcement to your vehicle soon as possible.autoring notification

Wherever you are in the world, whether it’s just a few metres from your vehicle, or away on holiday. You’ll be alerted about the attempted theft via the AutoRing app.

Remember, 85% of vehicles are recovered if the thefts are reported quickly.

That’s around six in every seven theft attempts stopped and with around 5,400 car thefts EVERY DAY. We can make sure thousands of people are able to combat vehicle theft.

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