cars are recorded stolen every day*


seconds is all it takes to steal a keyless car**


keyless car crimes remain unsolved

What Is The AutoRing?

Solving car crime is a race against time. AutoRing helps you act quickly. Why is that important?

Because 85% of vehicles are recovered if the thefts are reported quickly.

AutoRing is your in-vehicle security guard, working 24/7 to make sure would-be criminals don’t get away with it. With modern cars stolen to order, and criminals using advanced relay theft techniques for keyless cars, there needs to be a modern intelligent solution. Ours solves the problem and only takes 5 minutes to install yourself.

  • Early warning detection system
  • Alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Sends you photos of the intruder
  • Tracks the vehicle location
How it works

How it Works

Step 1 - Vehicle door is opened
With a relay theft, the thieves enter via the door as they can trick the vehicle into believing the key is present.
Step 2 - Sensors are triggered
Sensors detect unauthorised access then send a signal to the AutoRing.
Step 3 - AutoRing captures images of the intruder
The camera quickly captures a series of high-definition images of the intruder, and transmits them to you.
Step 4 - Owner alerted
Just a few seconds later you’ll see the images via the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can contact the police before the thief has got too far.
See more about how it works:
How it works

Remember, 85% of vehicles are recovered if the thefts are reported quickly. That’s around six in every seven theft attempts stopped. It’s why acting fast is crucial, and that’s why AutoRing gives owners such great peace of mind.

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*1,963,007 cars recorded as stolen in 2018. Source: https://dataunodc.un.org/data/crime/Car%20theft

**Relay theft can be conducted in as little as a few seconds, it just takes as long as getting in and starting the vehicle up.
As soon as one person is within range of your smart key, the signal is relayed to their accomplice immediately to access
and start the vehicle.