How Does The AutoRing Prevent Modern Car Theft?

Modern thieves use advanced relay theft to steal keyless cars within seconds without activating the alarm or causing any damage to the vehicle.

This makes solving car crime a race against time. Modern car theft requires modern solutions and The AutoRing is up to the task.

Imagine an in-vehicle security guard, working 24/7 to make sure would-be criminals don’t get away with your vehicle that sends you photos of the intruder, tracks the vehicle's location, alerts you WITHIN SECONDS!

The AutoRing does all this and more, and is probably the best deterrent to relay theft.

6 out of 7 vehicles are recovered if thefts are reported quickly. Acting fast is essential!

Crime, Camera, Action

Top British Car Presenter Tiff Needell Tells You How You Can Act Fast and Prevent Theft With The AutoRing

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