The AutoRing is like having a dedicated security guard in your vehicle. Alert and ready to combat crime. It’s a compact device that sits on your dashboard ready to catch would-be thieves from the moment they enter the vehicle.

It can be easily installed in under 5 minutes and requires no modification to your vehicle. 

The AutoRing comes with:

  • A GPS chip to track your vehicle’s every move
  • A camera to capture high-definition photos of the intruder
  • Discreet door sensors to detect when a door is opened
  • A global roaming sim to alert you anywhere in the world
  • All in a compact and sleek device
The AutoRing

How Does The AutoRing Alert The Owner?

The vehicle owner will get a notification within seconds of a break-in. Moments later they’ll get another notification containing three images from the inside of the vehicle with pictures showing who had broken in.

The AutoRing uses a revolutionary global roaming SIM, meaning it uses existing mobile networks to send you a notification, photos of the thief and your vehicle’s position.

You’ll get notified of the attempted theft within seconds via the accompanying mobile app, no matter where the vehicle is. This can help you alert law enforcement as soon as possible.

How Does The AutoRing Know If The True Owner Has Entered?

Each AutoRing will come with a unique accompanying key fob, which looks just like your contactless credit card. It will disarm the AutoRing when you enter, meaning you won’t be alerted every time you drive your own vehicle.

How Is The AutoRing Powered?

The AutoRing uses a trickle charge to keep itself charged. It also has its own high capacity battery that can keep the AutoRing powered for over two months. If your car battery is flat or you haven’t driven your car for a while, need not worry as the AutoRing has a large and sufficient power reserve.

How The AutoRing Prevents Relay Theft and Just About Any Auto Theft

Relay theft bypasses the existing security system, but not the AutoRing’s.

Modern cars that have keyless entry systems are a prime target for thieves. Thieves have developed devices that replicate or relays the signal from your key. Allowing them to open and start your vehicle from a distance. Hence the name, relay theft.

As thieves will not have your unique AutoRing key fob. The AutoRing will silently capture photos of the intruder and alert you within seconds when it detects an unauthorized entry.

The AutoRing gives older vehicles a powerful security system

Now if your vehicle is a little older or a classic car, it may lack modern security features like an alarm or immobilizer. Your original key could be stolen, copied or the vehicle could be hotwired and driven off without you knowing. 

With the AutoRing, if the unique fob isn’t presented when entering the car. You’ll be alerted right away. It’s always ready and alert 24×7.

The AutoRing will be launching in the summer of 2022. Enter Your Email Below To Get The AutoRing at its lowest price.