Have you ever come out to find your car missing from the place you had parked it?

Whether it had been towed, borrowed or stolen. You can imagine the initial panic and feeling of wondering, where is it right now and more importantly…. who is it with? 

This is what thousands of people face on a daily basis.

If your vehicle is stolen, a few hours delay might mean that you’ll never see it again….at least in one piece. Thieves often dismantle the vehicle soon after it is stolen, and resell the parts.

This makes it close to impossible for law enforcement to recover the vehicle in one piece.

After years of inventing top-quality security products, serial inventor and CEO of Griffen Securities, Gavin Wilding, is ready to introduce the AutoRing in 2022.

The AutoRing has gone through years of development and finally, it’s ready to hit the road. It uses the best and most viable technology available today, to provide ANY vehicle a sleek and compact set of eyes that alerts the owner if anyone else enters their vehicle.

The AutoRing is like having a dedicated security guard for a vehicle. The kit comes with:

  • A sleek key unique key fob for the owner to disarm the AutoRing

  • Easy-to-install door sensors to detect when the door is opened.

  • An HD Camera to capture everything that is going on in real time.

  • An accurate GPS chip that tracks every move.

  • A global roaming sim that connects to the best network automatically

What Types of Vehicles is The AutoRing Compatible with?

  • Cars (Modern and Classic)

  • Lorries

  • Trucks

  • Motorhomes

No matter how modern or old a vehicle is, you can use the AutoRing as long as it has doors. It works independently of the vehicle’s system. It just requires a charge to work. However, in case your vehicle’s battery is down, need not worry as the AutoRing has its own long-life battery, that can keep the AutoRing powered for over 2 months. 

Which countries does the AutoRing work in?

The AutoRing’s global roaming service can be used in almost every country in the world. The Global Roaming Sim, will connect to the best network available, allowing it to alert the owner from virtually anywhere.

What about after-sales service?

After installing the AutoRing, it hardly needs to be touched any longer. It will always be ready alert the owner when it detects an unauthorized entry. In the rare event anything should go wrong, all technical support will be provided by us at Griffen Securities.

How Much Will The AutoRing Cost?

The AutoRing will retail for a recommended retail price of US$195. The roaming data service will cost the user a few dollars/euros/pounds a month.

Dealers who stock the AutoRing early will get the best prices, each from as little as US$95.

They will also be in a great position to grow their sales in the area or country they serve. Why?

Because sales of the AutoRing done directly through our website can earn you commissions. By stocking the product, sales of the AutoRing in your country or area will be passed on to you to fulfil !

Anti-Theft and Anti-Misuse – more Uses for The AutoRing

If you’re a dealer and have multiple people using your vehicles. Wouldn’t you like to see who’s using it? And where it is from time to time?

Whether you have a few vehicles or a fleet. You can prevent misuse by seeing who’s using your vehicles at any time through the app.

With the AutoRing, the device and app combined make a for a powerful fleet management tool. 

The AutoRing is:
  • A truly useful product. Giving peace of mind to any owner.

  • Easy to install and use. No complicated wiring or installation needed!

  • Compatible with almost any vehicle

  • Needed by many car owners. Keyless cars 

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