Why Car Thefts are Rising in 2021 (and How To Protect Your Vehicle)

The rise in car thefts over the last couple of years is a problem plaguing the entire world. After steadily dropping from the early 2000’s to 2013, vehicle thefts have been on the rise again.

In the UK, Europe and North America where vehicle theft data is well recorded, there is estimated to be at least 4000 vehicle thefts per day on average. The problem around the world is far bigger, many more thousands of cars are stolen each day and they’re often not reported due to varying standards of reporting crime statistics.

The start of the coronavirus pandemic which led to a large decrease in people travelling has surprisingly had the opposite effect on car thefts, which has been increasing and that too rapidly in some places.

From the start of the pandemic, some states in the USA, like New York for example, saw car thefts up by over 50% in April of 2020, compared to the same month in 2019.

Why Are More Vehicles Being Stolen?

A lot more people started to work from home in 2020, and due to this there have been a lot more cars sitting idle longer. This has allowed thieves to plan and time their thefts better.

Many owners weren’t even aware their car was stolen, hours and in some cases days after the theft occurred. It’s not just old cars with less advanced security systems that are the targets, newer vehicles with keyless entry systems are making up the bulk of new car theft cases.

The old methods of smashing and hotwiring a vehicle are far noisier and more susceptible to being caught. Relay theft which is silent and quick, is responsible for 50% to 93% of car thefts across in the UK, and has increased by 27% from 2015 to 2020.

Low Chances of Getting Car Recovered or The Way You Left It

Considering the advancements in car technology, nearly 60% vehicles don’t get recovered, and even those that do get recovered are often damaged in some way. 20% of recovered vehicles are so badly damaged that they have to be written off completely. In total, billions of dollars worth of vehicles are stolen each year.

How Relay Theft Takes Advantage of Keyless Entry Vehicles

Relay theft’s primary objective is to trick a car’s keyless entry system into believing its key is present. A thief brings a receptor which can be concealed in a backpack, to capture and boost the signal of the car's key situated nearby, typically inside someone’s house.

An accomplice next to the vehicle will have a receiver that relays the key's signal to the car, allowing the door to be opened and the car to be started. Some of these transmitters have a range of up to 100 yards. Usually once the car is started, it can be driven off even without the real key. 


Keyless Entry Car Key

The Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles

Mid to High-End vehicles are key targets for thieves. The higher value of spare parts combined with their keyless entry systems makes them a valuable but easy steal.

According to LV= Insurance, a British Car Insurance Firm, nearly 50% of car theft claims in the UK were from newer, more expensive vehicles with keyless entry systems, despite making up only about 1% of the vehicles on the road today.

Commonly stolen makes of vehicles include:

- Mercedes
- Lexus
- Audi
- Porsche
- Tesla
- Range Rover / Land Rover

Range Rovers are the most commonly stolen vehicles in the UK consisting of around 37% of stolen vehicles. The Range Rover Sport, Vogue and Autobiography make up the top 3 most stolen vehicles in the UK.

Range Rover Sport


Protecting Your Vehicle From Relay Theft

Drivers are advised to keep their keyless key fobs as far away as possible from their parked cars to prevent the signal being captured and relayed outside.

You might be prudent and see to it your key is safe and protected from relay theft at home. However, when you’re out and about your day, whether that be at your place of work, shopping or dining outside, your vehicle becomes a ripe target for relay theft.

Take for instance, this Range Rover was stolen in little over a minute after the owner parked it outside a supermarket in London. Simple forgetfulness on the part of the owner, or the person borrowing the vehicle could result in it getting stolen.

With the AutoRing, even if your original or spare key gets stolen. You can rest assured knowing that you will be notified within seconds if your unique key fob isn’t used to deactivate the AutoRing when it is started up. The AutoRing is like having an additional layer of security, that authenticates whether it's the rightful person behind the wheel.

Unlike keyless entry car keys, the AutoRing’s sleek, credit card sized key fob doesn’t produce a signal that can be relayed by car thieves.

The AutoRing also allows you to track and watch your car from anywhere in the world. Its global roaming sim works across multiple continents, making the AutoRing a must-have, especially if you decide to drive into other countries.

Cars have become somewhat of an asset these days, as a global chip shortage has been hindering production lines, causing an unprecedented increase in the prices of used cars.

Now more than ever, your vehicle is really worth protecting. Gain peace of mind and see how the AutoRing can secure your vehicle at a very affordable price here.


AutoRing on Dashboard