How it works

AutoRing can help prevent vehicle theft, including relay theft, but how precisely does it work?

Firstly, what is Relay Theft?

Relay theft is a term coined to describe a new technique for stealing vehicles which use keyless entry, Smart Keys or remote starting. It’s also known as Relay Attack or Keyless Car Theft. Watch this video to see how easily thieves can take advantage of the benefits of keyless entry to relay the signal and move the car far away from where you parked it.

Step 1 – Vehicle door is opened

With a relay theft* the thieves can trick the vehicle into believing the smart key is present, and so it will allow the doors to be opened.

This is a much simpler and quieter way for a thief to access the vehicle than breaking glass or a door frame, and it doesn’t damage the vehicle at all. That’s why relay theft – also known as relay attack or keyless car theft – is becoming more popular with criminals. It’s especially popular if the vehicle is being stolen to order and therefore needs to remain undamaged.

Step 2 – Sensors are triggered

AutoRing’s sensors will detect that the door has opened. If the owner is present, the system will disarm. If the owner is not present, the unauthorised access sends a signal to the AutoRing device within milliseconds.

Step 3 – AutoRing captures images of the intruder

The camera quickly captures a series of high-definition images of the intruder, without them knowing it has happened. Not only that, the device will then transmit those images without needing to be in range of any wifi or Bluetooth.

Step 4 – Owner alerted

Wherever you are in the world, whether it’s just a few metres from the car, or even away on holiday, you’ll be alerted about the attempted theft via the AutoRing app. Just a few seconds after the AutoRing device has captured those images, you’ll see them on your smartphone or tablet. By this time, the thief could now be attempting to start your car. Having received this information you can contact the authorities right away, alerting them to
the theft of the vehicle before the thief has left your street.

With AutoRing’s GPS showing the vehicle location, your local law enforcement will know where to head. There may also be an accomplice still at your property, acting as the relay, and they can also be apprehended by acting fast.

Remember, 85% of vehicles are recovered if the thefts are reported quickly. That’s around six in every seven theft attempts stopped and with around 5,400 car thefts EVERY DAY, we can make sure thousands of people are able to combat vehicle theft.

That’s why acting fast is crucial, and that’s why AutoRing gives owners such great peace of mind.