Powerful technology. Powerful Device. Introducing AutoRing.

AutoRing is the revolutionary new way to combat vehicle theft, including the rising trend known as relay theft.

As soon as someone opens the door to your vehicle, the AutoRing system springs into action. Within seconds the device will have taken high-definition photographs of the thief. Moments later, these are sent to your device – a smartphone or tablet – and you can report the crime immediately. 

85% of vehicles are recovered if the thefts are reported quickly.

With AutoRing, you can let the authorities know your vehicle has been stolen before it has even left the street you parked it on, wherever you are in the world.  The device can also track your vehicle’s location, making sure the thief has no chance to hide.

With AutoRing you will have a 24/7 connection to your car, van, motorhome, or any vehicle with doors, giving you great peace of mind.

You don’t need to be a mechanic or engineer to fit the device.

The beauty of AutoRing is how easy it is to use. You don’t need to start playing with your vehicle’s wiring or pulling your dashboard apart. You don’t even need to lift the hood/bonnet.

We wanted AutoRing to be as simple to install as possible, 100% dependable, and for the accompanying app (available on both Apple and Android) to be as straightforward as checking your local weather or checking your bank balance.

Another benefit of the simple installation process is if you need to swap the device into another vehicle, for example, if you upgrade your car, or perhaps have a second vehicle like a motorhome or a classic car, then you can transfer the device yourself.

What is Relay Theft?

Relay theft is a term coined to describe a new technique for stealing vehicles which use keyless entry, Smart Keys or remote starting. It’s also known as Relay Attack or Keyless Car Theft. Watch our video to learn more about how thieves can take advantage of the benefits of keyless entry to relay the signal and move the car far away from where you parked it.

AutoRing can help prevent relay theft. Even if a potential thief does attempt to steal a car fitted with the AutoRing device, the speed at which the attempt can be reported to the local law enforcement means that your vehicle stands a very high chance of getting recovered.

Who is AutoRing?

AutoRing is part of Griffen Securities LLC, an established business in the United States whose principal aim is to reduce vehicle theft by keeping vehicles safe and secure. Their products, such as the Griff Lock, are a criminal’s worst nightmare because the technology used is far beyond traditional security solutions. With the AutoRing product, we are taking
all that technical know-how and making it a simple-to-use solution for you, our customers.

Our aim is to use all our technical know-how to make sure criminals don’t get away with attempting to steal your vehicle. We want relay theft to be a thing of the past. With AutoRing, we can make that happen

Is car theft a big issue?

It certainly is. The most recent data from the United Nations* showed that millions of vehicles are still stolen every year. This is the tip of a huge iceberg, as many thefts are not recorded, with the statistics showing very little (or no) data for a lot of the developing world.

The real scale of the issue is much higher. In 2018 over 1,900,000 cars were reported stolen. That’s over 5,300 recorded every day.

Can you afford to risk it?

You can see the most recent data for yourself here.