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With car theft on the rise, combatting the pervasive trend is getting difficult for many. Therefore, AutoRing introduces you to a fast and easily detectable theft device committed to ensuring the complete protection for your vehicle.


AutoRing makes you ready for the unpredicted with its smart cameras, sensors, navigation, and diagnostics.


Keeping you connected with your car 24/7 through your mobile, AutoRing allows you to have a stress-free time.

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Powerful Technology. Powerful Device.

Act Fast with AutoRing.

You’ve parked your car in an isolated area? Or are you visiting an oddly quiet place? Let AutoRing keep you updated about your vehicle.

Now you and your car can be connected even when not together!

Stolen vehicles are recovered if timely action
is taken. With AutoRing, you get instant
notifications and alerts if there’s a break-in.
It makes you attentive to any mishap or trouble
with an astute and high-level security system
and sends you photos directly to your phone,
enabling you to contact the police with evidence.

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AutoRing Camera

Giving you an unedited view of what happened.

Regardless of where you are, across the street or the country, AutoRing placed on your dashboard gives complete peace of mind by enabling you to see and hear what’s happening in and around your vehicle.
From the moment the criminal enters a vehicle, a hidden door sensor alerts the device, and several high-definition pictures are taken of the unsuspecting thief showing exactly what happened. You will start receiving immediate alerts on your phone for clear evidence within 30 seconds.

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Looking for a smart system to take care of your car while you’re away?

Upgrade your car with the premium protection system today!

No one likes the idea of stepping outside to find their vehicle stolen. Considering that car theft needs just 60 seconds to take place, even if you need to run to the store, its safety is not certain.
With AutoRing, you get guaranteed safety. All you need to do is install the device and mount it on the dashboard for ultimate peace of mind.

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